Who needs to know a blue collar type of job? Well apparently every homeowner should know something about running a home. At least when it comes to making decisions on the renovation and the maintenance.

I’m Kyp Collins – a dad of 4 beautiful kids and I have been into home building business for almost half of my entire life. I started as a helper, a carpenter and then a skilled worker specializing in roofing, woodworks, vanity counters, masonry – name it I can be of a very reliable worker. It has been a passion to me over the years, not just work. I remember I hated it on the first year but then I fell for it after seeing the first finishes made. It can really get dirtier, I know (that’s what I hated abut it) yet can be fulfilling. Plus I did most of the works building my family house. That is the ultimate honor I can brag about as my kids grow.

I thought of sharing my stories and a little of my expertise through this blog. You will find some helpful home tips and everything about home building and renovation.

You can leave comments too if you can’t help it. 🙂

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